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This is the time I met my best friend

Well not really. But kind of. I WISH I was lucky enough to call this guy my best friend and mean it (instead I say it jokingly bc everyone laughs and it scares him).

SO how did I meet my best friend? A bar of course! Hopefully you weren't expecting some heartfelt story, I do go to a state university after all.

His fraternity rented out a bar downtown and it was invitation only. I got an invite from one of his fraternity brothers who kind of had a crush on me, but mainly was interested in me because another girl in my house shot him down and I think I was his rebound (but tbh I was waaaaay out of his league and slowly trying to let him down easy as well).

So it's the night of the party and my two best friends and I arrive fashionably late. Neither of them were technically invited but we were all hottie college girls so do you think the bouncer cared? No.

We walked in and probably had 2-3 Long Island Iced Teas each in an impressively short amount of time. That's when the dancing started, so we navigated ourselves from the main bar area to the back room which has more of a club atmosphere (black walls, club lighting, dance floor, etc.).

Little to any of our knowledges, the fraternity had also rented a COUNTRY ARTIST FROM NASHVILLE. Who knew you could rent a whole person and make them drive 6+ hours to come play at a shitty college bar? Anyway this shit was fucking EXCITING. Mainly because we were all prettttttttttttty drunk but also throw in the fact that there's someone probably destined to be famous singing a few feet in front of us and we went nuts (so nuts in fact that I ended up on his stage by the end of the night...).

So us three are jamming, singing, whatever. Reece gets a boy pretty quickly and he seems pretty hick so he's like actually into this dive bar show, not just into it as an effect of alcohol. I had a boy too, but it was the one that invited me that I was trying to get rid of so I did. I have no recollection of how I got rid of him but I remember spending next to no time with him that evening or ever again that year.

Time for a refill since my cup was empty and the concert was still happening.

After an immensely long line at the bar I went back to where I was but I had lost Kimmy. I looked back at the bar and that's when I made eye contact with my soon to be bff. He was staring at me! How flattering. (Side note- he was staring at my ass and I'm not sure that that's flattering at all.)

He took our eye contact as his sign that he should come over and talk to me so that he did.

"Hi I'm Nate. I'm gunna be an optometrist. *weird "I got my eyes on you" hand gesture*"

Everything about that interaction blew my mind. What the fuck did he just do with his hands? He looks 18, could he actually be 22+, not really in this frat, and want me to potentially be his sugar baby?

Seconds later before I could even gather my drunken thoughts totally he pulled me in and started making out with me. Again, the details are blurry but it felt like some pretty grade A making out. (I later made out with this guy sober and that grade dropped to like a D yikes @ him.)

Kimmy snapped the most HILARIOUS photo of this happening while she was straight screaming with joy in the background of the pic. After seeing said pic I knew Nate had to be my new bff he was so cutie and sarcastic and well... present.

I spent the rest of the night with this guy at the bar, dancing and trying to sing along to this "country star's" songs which was really difficult due to A) alcohol and B) he actually had no hit songs.

When the artist announced it was his last song, Nate got so hype. He said this song was a huuuuuuuge hit and I had to get up on the stage and dance. So I did! Or at least I tried to. I'm not the best dancer so I probably jump-danced and fist pumped at the crowd.

Once that awkwardness was over I looked for my friends to leave but they were already halfway out the door. They had texted me that they had a sober driver waiting outside. The fraternity had free busses back to campus so I did that, Nate by my side (ladies, reminder, buddy system! And who better to be a buddy than ur new bff?).

So we get off the bus and Nate walks me in to his frat house. I did not ask to go inside the frat house, I asked to go back to my dorm. But, being the great bff I was I followed.

He led me around the frat house for a long time, giving me what was definitely the tour they gave to alumni or potential donors. Stairs, study rooms, composites, hallways, etc. And all of this at like 2 am. I was exhausted. After the tour he asked what I wanted to do and I was like "tf do you think I want to do? I want to go back to my dorm like I've wanted for the past hour ughhhghghg."

So he agreed and we walked home. It was a beautiful night. He walked me to my dorm quietly and kissed me goodnight before asking, "You sure you don't want to come back to my dorm? *wink* I do live in College Ave, after all."

That was it. Cute mood ruined. No thank you and goodnight.

But hey it did bloom into a beautiful best friendship, or at least acquaintanceship.


  1. I really thought that this story was going to end up with you being friends with Blake Shelton. But this ending was nice, too.

    1. I could only wish! The artist who played was John King. He's never had a country hit but has a nice voice and some solid song writing credits at this point.


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