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This is the time I met my best friend

Well not really. But kind of. I WISH I was lucky enough to call this guy my best friend and mean it (instead I say it jokingly bc everyone laughs and it scares him).

SO how did I meet my best friend? A bar of course! Hopefully you weren't expecting some heartfelt story, I do go to a state university after all.

His fraternity rented out a bar downtown and it was invitation only. I got an invite from one of his fraternity brothers who kind of had a crush on me, but mainly was interested in me because another girl in my house shot him down and I think I was his rebound (but tbh I was waaaaay out of his league and slowly trying to let him down easy as well).

So it's the night of the party and my two best friends and I arrive fashionably late. Neither of them were technically invited but we were all hottie college girls so do you think the bouncer cared? No.

We walked in and probably had 2-3 Long Island Iced Teas each in an impressively short amount of time. That's when the danc…
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This is the time I kissed someone who was PTFO

Ok so if you just read the title of this blog and are 110% confused as to what PTFO stands for, I'm going to go ahead and issue a warning.

CAUTION: You may not be able to relate to this post. You may be too old (I'm in college, y'all) or too young (plz check back in a few years!!!). In either case, proceed with caution; you may learn a thing or two, but you may think I'm a crazy person.

So the night began like any other night one chooses to go out. The getting ready process, the trying to coordinate a meet up time and spot with your gal pals and then FINALLY hours later, the actually going out.

This instance happened my sophomore year of college, so no one in our group could *technically* drink. Luckily, at a big state university like the one I attend though, 100% of fraternities DGAF how old you are. Heck if you look like you still might be in high school there's still a good chance they'd invite you inside to party with them.

My friends and I decided to "…

This is my first post

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Blogging will be a new thing for me. Considering the fact that as a kid I would buy a journal every few months but quit writing in "My Diary" days later without fail, we'll see how long I'll stick with this *fingers crossed*.

I decided to start a blog after some long introspection and realizing that A LOT of weird shit happens in my life. Or at least funny shit. Or at least shit that's funny to me. So I decided maybe a better outlet than telling all my boyfriend these crazy tales (he knows I'm psycho by now, it's ok) would be to post them! Like maybe the internet can find some humor or relate to my adventures *fingers crossed, again*.

So this will be a site of tales, mostly mine. Occasionally I'll tell a tale that's been relayed to me from a friend  (hold the phones, Jess, we aren't even through with this first post yet!).

I hope you choose to follow me on this journey and I hope my posts will bring you joy or som…